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Albariño Grape Wine

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The Albarinho grape is a traditional variety for Spain (Galicia) and Portugal (Vinho Verde). The ripe berries make unique dry and semi-dry white wines. The drinks are quite refined with a fruity and floral bouquet, in which notes of bay leaf, herbs, lime, mint, anise and honey are gently woven. The creamy texture and fruity freshness pairs well with baked chicken, pasta with scallops, fish with thyme and sesame, and spicy oriental dishes. You can buy branded wine from the Albarinho grape in the Vi.Wine store. We offer original products at low prices.The Spanish variety of technical grape is actively used for the production of numerous wines. Often we are talking about dry and semi-dry drinks. Although, many add sugar or other components, which results in a pleasant sweet or semi-sweet drink. Manufacturers add flavor notes of apples, peaches, exotic herbs, lemon, pineapple and more. When consumed, you can feel a certain minerality, which makes them closer to sparkling wines. Young drinks are great with different kinds of cheeses and seafood. If the drink has been aged for several years, the gastronomic properties are suitable for white meat and dough dishes, such as dumplings.