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Aalto Wine

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Discovering Aalto Wine

The grapes in Aalto Wine are full-bodied, complex and bold with subtle hints of dark fruits and spices.

Aalto Wine is from the Ribera del Duero wine region in Northern Spain, known for producing some of Spain's best wines.

Aalto wine is made by using traditional winemaking techniques while emphasizing natural fermentation in oak barrels. The wine is then aged for 16 months to enhance its unique flavors and aromas.

Aalto Wine is a luxurious, full-bodied wine with a strong symphony of flavors. It tastes of ripe dark cherries, blackberries and has a hint of vanilla and chocolate, making it a smooth and balanced wine with a long finish.

Aalto wine pairs perfectly with grilled meat, roasted lamb, and other hearty, rich dishes. It is recommended to pair it with food that is rich in flavor, and can handle the boldness of Aalto Wine.

Aalto is a dry wine, with a well-balanced body and flavor. It is best enjoyed at room temperature, around 18°C. It is best served in a decanter to allow for proper aeration and to enhance its natural aromas.

A bottle of Aalto Wine has 14% alcohol content.

Buying Aalto Wine Online

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