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Wine from the Region of Lebanon

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Lebanese wines definitely have their own unique character. However, it can be difficult for an untrained person to objectively assess the multifaceted and sometimes quite exotic bouquet of wines from Lebanon. They are produced from the well-known European grapes Carignac, Merlot, Syrah, Cinsault and https://vi.wine/ru/p-fanagoria-cru-lermont-cabernet-sauvignon-2016Каберне Sauvignon, but their taste and aroma are quite unusual. These are interesting compositions with generous notes of fruit, ripe olives, refreshing minerals, citrus, flowers, figs, herbs and incredible combinations of spices and tobacco. The wines are best served with bright vegetable salads, hummus, red meat, grilled vegetarian dishes, poultry and cheeses.
Lebanese wine is quite tasty and of good quality. The first attempts to create wine there were made several hundred years ago. Since then, the technology has been greatly improved. Alcohol is made with special care and skill, with great attention to all details. The characteristics of wines depend on the variety and production technology used. Each brand uses its own technology of production, so when choosing a quality drink, it is necessary to take into account the approach of a particular winemaker. Optimal taste characteristics, softness and rich texture with a slight bitter aftertaste ensure the popularity of the Lebanese product far beyond the country.