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La Solana Wine

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La Solana is made from grapes grown in Tenerife. There are unusual autochthonous varieties. Thanks to the fact that they grow on a special soil of volcanic tuff, the alcohol acquires its minerality. The raw material is fermented in open concrete bowls. The result is a dark purple colored beverage with a complex aroma of black berries, vanilla and smoke. The taste is unexpectedly rounded and silky with pleasing tannins. It is recommended to open the wine an hour before serving so that its aroma becomes more pronounced. It can be served with roast duck, vegetables and grilled food. La Scolca wine is popular around the world. The brand's estate is located in the Apennines and occupies a huge space, most of which is used as vineyards. The brand produces high-quality white and red wines. The winery's sparkling wines were served at the Nobel Prize award ceremony, which proves its uniqueness and relevance. They are magnificent light wines with delicate tones of herbs and fruit. The wine belongs to the premium class, so the cost of some variants is higher than average, but the price is fully justified and corresponds to the declared characteristics.