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Isabella Grape Wine

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Isabella wine - what you need to know

Isabella is a grape variety that came about through the accidental crossing of two other varieties. It happened in the 19th century in New York State, USA. The grape was loved by local farmers and became an excellent raw material for making wine, spreading to other regions of the country. Soon the grape also appeared in Europe. That is how it ended up in other countries. Now it is grown in Russia as well. Isabella wines have a budget price.

It is an unpretentious species. It is not afraid of insect pests, is resistant to drought and other natural conditions. That is why it is easy to care for. Harvesting takes place in mid-autumn and only in dry weather. After harvesting, the grapes must rest for a few days. The variety is characterized by its dark skin, which easily separates from the berries.
The production of this wine is characterized by its simplicity. Classic Isabella wine requires only grapes and sugar. Fermentation of the wine lasts for 3-4 weeks. After fermentation is complete, the wine needs to mature for a month. Isabella is used to make white, rosé and red wines. The only difference is the production method. The most popular type of Isabella wine in Russia, in different regions, is semi-sweet red.

Isabella is a simple variety that does not have a multifaceted taste. The main note is reminiscent of strawberries, strawberries. There are also light floral notes. Usually this flavor either like it or not. There is no third. Additional bright notes in such a drink is difficult to distinguish.
Isabella wine has a pungent smell: once you smell it, you will definitely recognize it the next time. The winemakers called it foxy because it has something to do with the smell of wet wool. But this is still too categorical a name.
The color of the wine depends on its type. Red varieties have a ruby hue. But the drink should by no means dye the glass: such a situation indicates the use of dyes and thickeners by the brand, which is unacceptable. White Isabella wines have a pale golden hue. There should not be any bright color in this variety either.
Store such a wine no more than 2-3 years, after that period the drink will go bad.

Like other wines, it should be served chilled. It is not advisable to open the bottle in advance and pour the drink into glasses. It is better to do it just before tasting. The serving temperature for the wine: +12-14 degrees.
Red wine is best served with meat - beef, lamb. It will also go well with unsweetened desserts: fruit platters, cheesecakes, fondue and other similar dishes. White is perfect with fish and seafood, as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, radishes, etc. Different kinds of cheeses can also be matched with the drink.
All wines of this variety should not be consumed with citrus: these fruits with a pronounced flavor will definitely overpower the taste and aroma of the wine. If you want to buy oranges with this wine, it is better to leave this idea behind.
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