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Dry Adagum Wine

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Adagum Dry Wine

Dry Adagum wine is made from grapes that grow in the valley of the river of the same name. Thanks to the unique climatic conditions of the region, masters manage to create elite mono-varietal drinks and assemblages, guided by ancient methods. The brand uses carefully selected berries with an optimal sugar content. Masters work on modern equipment, checking the result in laboratories. This makes it possible to create a dry Adagum wine with a unique character, which is loved even outside the country. Many people want to buy a bottle to feel the softness and roundness of taste with a velvety finish. The aroma has fresh tones of berries and fragrant herbs. It can be accompanied by meat dishes, different types of cheeses and pastas. To order a variant of the desired strength, region, year of release, the choice should be made through our service.