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Wine from the Czech Republic Region

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Czech wines are exclusive beverages produced in limited quantities. The largest growing regions are Bohemia, Mělník and Moravia. The best grapes grown here are Pinot Noir, André, Frankovka, Saint Laurent, Riesling and Traminer. In the bouquet of wines one can hear notes of fresh bread, exotic litchi, lime fruit, slightly withered leaves, white pepper and earth. Honey and straw wines of the Czech Republic will please you with their bright taste. They are quite sweet and have a lingering texture. Drinks are served with pork knuckle, baked carp and other fish, grilled vegetables, grilled cheese and fresh buns.
Czech wine is not as famous as French or Italian wine, but it is not inferior in quality. The country produces mostly white wines. There are also red wines, but they do not have such outstanding characteristics as the white ones. The highest quality products are offered in Moravia and Bohemia. These are the most famous winegrowing regions of the Czech Republic. They produce good wines that are appreciated not only within the country, but also abroad. Many people prefer to consume them for lunch and dinner, on an ordinary lonely evening or on a holiday. Some variants of alcohol masters managed to turn into true masterpieces of Czech winemaking.