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Wine Abkhazia

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Atauad Gumista Asta

from 1074 rubles

Buket Abxazii

from 871 rubles

Tradicii Abxazii Apxyn

from 620 rubles

Tradicii Abxazii Lyxvan

from 543 rubles

Tradicii Abxazii Apsara

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from 608 rubles

Asta Lasa Beloe

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from 598 rubles
Wine Abkhazia is popular all over the world. It is preferred by gourmets with extensive experience in tasting, as well as novice connoisseurs. In the wine you can feel the notes of fresh grapes, you can feel the nuances of fruits, flowers and various spices. The masters of the wine business are constantly improving the production technology to make the taste even more unforgettable. Wine Abkhazia is perfect for serving your dinner and will give pleasant impressions to all your loved ones.